A Few Days After Kick

These are just the quick thoughts I’ve had after running The Kick School of Creative Writing on April 17th 2010. Although these notes took ages to write out badly because I’m writing each sentence inbetween being attacked by a very hyperactive kitten.

It went better than I’d expected, and everything worked pretty much as I’d hoped it would. It helped that people turned up. About thirteen participants in all.

The event started a little bit past one with me reintroducing the concept behind The Kick School of Creative, and then giving a quick overview of how the afternoon would progress. After that I led a quick warm up exercise where we all generated six word stories. The idea of doing a warm up and doing the six word stories came from Alice Leiper. Next event I’m going to continue this because it worked, but I think the exercise is going to be a round of exquisite corpse next time. Just because that game is a lark. It should still serve the same purpose to get people eased into writing and loosened up creatively.

The warm up was a good idea.

Next we started the first session of writing based on a prompt. This was the only prompt that I managed to take part in fully, because I ended up arranging the next Kick Event in the second and talking about film stuff while I sat outside writing for the final prompt. But my overall impression and quick interrogating of Adam Wright after the event suggested that the twenty five minutes of writing and then a break of about ten minutes worked out well.

An idea I’d been thinking about, and had been suggested by various people, was to do prompts which weren’t sentences. Prompts which are pictures of pieces of music. So for the final prompt of this event I suggested, by way of Jethro, that everyone selected a picture from the walls of Fabrika and wrote something based on that.

This worked very well and will be repeated at the next event. It helped to break the flow of what was happening and get people thinking again.

There was one major problem with the event though. I forgot to introduce myself and get everyone to say “hello” to everyone else. This is utterly my fault and it would have helped the event feel if that’d taken place. At the next event I’m going to get everyone to introduce themselves while playing exquisite corpse.

Everything else seemed to work. I’m happy, and I’m looking forward to running the next event on the 8th.


  1. Bram April 22, 2010

    Glad it went well Will, it’s a really excellent idea… very hands on, and a rare opportunity for writers to actually meet face to face.



  2. Will Ellwood April 22, 2010

    Heh. I actually got an applause at the end of the event as well.

    In Leicester I don’t think it’s a rare opportunity for writers to meet each other. I can think of at least three groups that meet in the city. Two of which I’m involved in, and one which isn’t really targeted towards me. There’s a couple of literature events as well each month at The Y Theatre.

    Although on that count I’m thinking of adding a new monthly event to the calender. But I need to think on it a bit more.

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