Nihilymous Germscapes

Just heading to bed here. Molly’s kinda caught on that it’s time for bed, and I have Kick tomorrow. Just while I was winding down I was talking in IRC to some folks and I brought this up:

[Ginja_] I was hoping to get a proper gutter shamanic / phonomancer vibe going tonight in preparation for later.
[Ginja_] But I think I’m going to walk into this being my usual chilled out slightly oblivious self.

To achieve the phonomatic state I’m going to be listening to Harlequinade’s cut & paste track Nihilymous Germscapes on the bus into the City. It’s very good stuff. Take my word on it.

Well I’m also listening to it now as well. But that’s because the file plays automatically and I had to grab the link to share it.

Right I’m off. Time for one last dream.

Harlequinade [MySpace]
Nihilymous Germscapes [Black Lantern Music]

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