Sharper Thoughts: Future Present Past

Warren Ellis makes notes on his message board like this one.

That one forced me to clarify to myself what I’ve been thinking about lately.

At the moment I’m interested in the idea of SF (and culture) that can exist as an understandable object for someone in our past, but also to someone in the future without remixing or remaking beyond maybe a few cosmetic details. About the present, for sure, but also relevant to to people in hundreds of years time in the same way that Shakespeare plays are still interesting stories if you care to scrape through the blank verse.

Because it people are going to start living for hundreds of years, culture, I think, is going to have to move through the cycles of new fads and revivals of old fads, and start to exist in periods longer than ten or twenty years.

I’m not sure if this is atemporal in the sense that Bruce Sterling means it.

Honestly I still think this is meaningless gibberish. But less meaningless than the previous version of this though. Eventually, after much refinement, there will be a good idea the size of a pinhead here.

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