The Kick School of Creative Writing

I have ideas every hour of every day; some of these are good ideas, and some of them are downright terrible ideas. Most of these ideas fall somewhere in the middle.

I’d like to think that this one falls in the upper-ranges of good.

The basis of the idea comes from looking at Molly Crabbapples’s Dr Sketchy, and wanting to see something for writers. Because I can’t draw to save my life. Seriously stick figures are pretty much beyond me.

So the deal is this: get a bunch of writers together, wannabe or not, and write. Because for the wannabe the only way to get better is to write stuff. Different stuff. Lots of different ideas. Lots of different styles. And for pros, the people who know how to write, same deal; since these are skills that need maintaining.

A format I have in mind is roughly the following. Everyone turns up, gets comfortable, has a pot of tea etc. Then the first prompt is delivered. This could be a phrase, a poem, a song, anything that can inspire stories. Then we, the group, writes for about half an hour.

And then we break for ten minutes. For more tea, toilet breaks and smokes.

Then this process of writing for half an hour and chilling for ten minutes gets repeats two or three more times. A different prompt each time.

Also because it’s kinda cool to share stuff that’s raw and unedited there’s a chance to read stuff that’s been written at the end. This might be the weak part of my overall idea.

Anyhow, I’m going to look into hosting an event of this nature in my local area, and I’m making the idea somewhat public because I suspect it isn’t a unique idea (I’m sure people must have done this already), and also because if I make the idea known I might get prodded into action.

My proposed name is “The Kick School of Writing”. Named after the Tesco’s own brand Red Bull, because I’m cheap. A motto, if this thing needs one, has to be something along the lines of “Writer Harder, Write Faster, Write Better.”

Peace & Love


This was taken from this post on my nonfiction blogger blog King of Sleep


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  2. Julia Malkin May 27, 2010

    Hi Will,
    The idea of this creative writing group sounds great!
    Could you let me know where and when it happens?


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