A Government Sniper

Most of this was written very quickly before Short Fuse earlier tonight. Just sounding out a scene for something.

They had been following the instructions they had been given. They were leaving the zone broken and defeated by the siege. He had given her his old army gas mask to stop the tear gas from blinding her. He used a scarf and said nothing about the stinging pain as they ran towards the edge of the rebel zone. They held their hands above their heads.

The sniper started to shoot on the hour of the deadline. This sniper was clearing the streets before the rolling forced removal of resistance went in.

His leg collapsed under him. A large caliber bullet in the thigh. She noticed only when she felt him grab her leg as he fell to the ground.

The sniper fired a second time as the echo of the first bullet faded away. She turned her head and he was waving to her to get away as he was hit in the stomach. To get to cover. He wanted her to get to safety. He wanted her to stay alive and to continue the fight for freedom.

She stopped and screamed. The sniper’s third shot impacted the ground next to her. The bullet shattered on the road. He told her to run as the sniper’s gaze turned to her and severed her spine.

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