A Pleasent Occurrence

Today while wandering around town looking at consumer goods I was listening to the final parts of the Neuromancer audio-book. I’ve read this book at least half a dozen times maybe. So I only listen to the audio-book in a random order, since my mp3 player is nearly always set to Random All1. In fact I don’t think I’ve even heard the whole audio-book. It is on my Hitachi mp3 player for no good reason apart from the facts that I enjoy the sound of William Gibson’s drawl, and that listening to someone else’s writing being spoken helps me get in the flow.

But the nice, if slightly confusing, occurrence that happened to me earlier was that when I was walking through the High Cross Centre towards John Lewis the side of the ‘tape’ I was listening to ended and my media player started playing heavy dub2 to me. The part of Neuromancer that had just played was a section which featured Malcolm, the Rastafarian tug pilot, heavily. So I had a delightful couple of minutes trying to workout if this was part of the ‘tape’ or a happenstance all while walking past stalls selling cheap perfume and jewellery.

It is the small moments that make life matter.

1. If I don’t have music on I get annoyed and twitchy.
2. I suspect it was material from the Black Lantern netlabel. I have no exact idea what though.

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