A Sunday Morning

  • This is being written in my Moleskine notebook. (My portable memory.)
  • I’m sprawled out on the sofa watching TV. Tapped out from working on a comic script.
  • I’ve done, maybe, about a quarter to a third of the work required for project Miles. Although I reckon I’ve done most of the heavy lifting.Tomorrow is playing with index cards working out the rhythm and beat.
  • Blitz Street is a strange TV program presented by Tony Robinson. They built a 1930s street and then over four episodes bombed it with different German bombs from World War II.
  • There’s more to the program than that, but not much. The episode I’m watching is about the V2 rocket.
  • I like rockets.
  • Happily I think I only have two short stories to work on and that script for Miles. Although one of the short stories is a horrific and unrewarding slog of hardness.
  • I was loaned an idea for another comic by someone earlier. I’ll write more about it later when I’ve thrashed out some actual details. But the phrases “Cabaret Voltaire” and “cubist comic” interest me. This will probably be a medium length project.
  • You’ll be happy to hear that Molly is attacking me and my hair.
  • Time to type this up, finish watching Blitz Street and then read a bit before bed.


  1. malpertuis May 16, 2010

    I want to see this Blitz street. Especially if it’s about V2 rockets – maybe it will help me understand Gravity’s Rainbow better. (ha!)

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