Echo Boomers

Morphamish+Texture – Echo Boomers by morphamish

I am having a real echo boomer crisis. The point where I know I can’t keep living a life which a badly Xeroxed copy of Scott Pilgrim.

I’ve felt slow and sluggish and unable to think coherently for the past month or so. Longer than that, really, because while the feeling that I’m not producing interesting or relevant or worthy material is constant I can ignore the doubt and sometimes bullshit myself into believing that I’m not some piss-poor fraud.

But then there are times when I’m on the edge of terminal exhaustion and unable to write a fucking word. A shell which is functionally illiterate and simply a waste of space. I haven’t written a proper story in weeks, if not longer. I haven’t got the ego, the energy or the self-confidence left to do anything except struggle.

Because I don’t want to be entirely self-pitying* listen to this track my Morphamish & Texture. This track is beyond good. Really wonderful lyrics, and a delicious beat. I want always writing material as sharp as these lyrics. I am, maybe, slowly crawling towards this goal.

– Will.

* Although I reserve the right to complain and moan like a petulant child once a season.

Morphamish + Texture – Echo Boomers [Soundcloud]

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  1. Texture May 31, 2010

    Thanks for the kind words Will!” Keep your chin up mate, I’ve really enjoyeed your last few stories and Ectomo articles. Everybody goes through periods of self-doubt – you’ve just got to write through it mate. B

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