Our Grey Green Future

  • I stayed up until 5AM to watch the election results come in.
  • Obviously I’m not happy with the result.
  • But we aren’t walking towards an apocalyptic cluster-fuck. Just a grey future with Cameron instead of Brown.
  • I honestly don’t think we’re going to see 1930s depression era poverty. But things are going to get perceivably worse.
  • People I know going into or already in the NHS and other public sector areas I feel sorry for you.
  • The green in our future comes from the fact the environmental shit-storm is going to be a larger issue soon. I’m surprised that it wasn’t a major issue at this election to be honest. It would have been a good area for parties to try and score points from each other.
  • I went to see Bryan Talbot speak at Leicester Central Library last night
  • Very interesting. He highlighted many of the layers that exist within his graphic novel ‘Grandville’; some of which I had noticed, but many I hadn’t.
  • He also discussed some very interesting visual techniques which I need to try and communicate with a few artists I know and worth with.
  • Also I’ve been attempting to reread Scott McClouds’ ‘Making Comics’ and part of me wants to workout how to make stories and communicate this through a story.

A thought I rambled about on IRC a few minutes ago:

[Ginja_] Is it bad that I go into John Lewis every few weeks to look at stuff?
[FTJT] what do you look at?
[Ginja_] The objects in the household goods department.
[Ginja_] Like all the objects people might desire for homes.
[Ginja_] (I pretty much only go to Ikea for this. I mean if I want something from there I go on the website and look.)
[Ginja_] I suspect I do this because of the fiction I wish to write.
[hart] thats fine, dude

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