A few tweets from a few weeks ago. I need to keep these handy.

Just had an idea for a fiction reading event, or a blog while sitting near my old flat on New Walk.

7:09 PM May 18th via mobile web

REACTION. A workshop on the weekend to create fictional grenades and then a live reading event in the week.

7:12 PM May 18th via mobile web

Monthly and based on current affairs. Maybe a set list of writers to develop a brand. The point is to be cutting edge and relevant.

7:14 PM May 18th via mobile web

I remember trying to send a follow up message via my phone which said, “NO WANKING! THIS IS THE WORLD PUNCHING YOU IN THE FACE AND TELLING YOU WHAT IS HAPPENING!”

A phrase to roll around your head to go with this is “echo boomers.”

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