A Saturday Evening

Not that anyone is really that interested, but I am currently sitting at my desk nursing a vodka and tonic since we never have any gin in the house. (Note to self: solve this problem.) Currently the smells of dinner cooking are drifting upstairs from the kitchen and towards my desk and my panoramic view of some trees and a lam post.

But it is a Saturday night, and because I am not doing anything social and because I choose to chain myself to my desk: I am in a thinking mood. Also I am in the mood where I have been reading a bunch of essays by different authors which I keep stored on my computer.

Some music by an artist called ‘Fill‘ is playing through my Beyerdynamic headphones. It is nice gentle and free ambient electronica. Very mellow, and it goes well with the vodka.

Anyway, I feel like sharing a few thoughts. Well… at least one set of thoughts.

Currently I am working on about half a dozen projects. I don’t have a list, or even a total idea of the extent I have spread myself thinly, but that seems to be about the right value. Half a dozen, erm, yeah that sounds about right. One of these is another comic. This time with a guy I am friendly with, via the DMU Anime Society, called Miles.

He’s a good solid artist. He ought to be as he is studying Game Art. Very proficient, and importantly he has the eye for narratives driven by words and pictures. Now one of my major goals is to get people who are part of the anime society and who have the relevant skills is to start them making comics. Mini-Comix, web-comix, Euro-Manga, American style things, Franco-Belgian style things, it doesn’t really matter what kind of comics, but if they have the ability then I want to see them making shit.

“Get Excited and Make Things!”

The script that I am working on for Miles is me playing with comics again. What I am thinking of doing is working in a strict nine panel grid. Like ‘Watchmen’, and like ‘From Hell’ which are both three tiers of three panels. What I want to do is also have no dialogue, because I am obsessed with the idea of silent comics.

I really like silent film.

This is something that comics can do that film can’t. Portray thoughts. I reckon you can have a silent comic where the only written words are the thoughts of the characters inside thought bubbles. Which means like prose a comic can get inside a character’s head relatively unobtrusively. But unlike prose a comic can get inside the heads of many characters, and this is, I think, a good tool for telling some stories.

There you have it, the rules that I am imposing on myself for the script I am writing for Miles. Using a nine panel grid and only using the thoughts of characters to move the story forward. My trick for writing comics, because I am interested in personally experimenting with the form, is to impose rules and arbitrary restrictions on myself and shape a story around those as well as the initial premise.

My V&T has ran dry which means time to finish this and investigate the progress being made on the Moroccan Meatballs.

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