800 Memories: An Experience

I have written about this album before for Ectomo. My opinions on this album are, unusually, uniformly positive, and I don’t think this is because I am friends with the musician. One would hope that it is because the material presented is sublime.

Yesterday when I got into the car to travel into Leicester for an open meeting for a young readers initiative called “Everybody’s Reading” I put the burnt CD of 800 Memories on. I was intending it to be a change of pace from my usual diet of electro-pop and dubstep, and man what an experience it is driving under a clear blue summer sky to sparse industrial hauntings.

Of course when someone has to travel to a destination they usually return. Instead of returning in glorious sunshine I came back to base at night. On the horizon bright lights from a quarry working twenty four hours a day. The feeling of driving, legally, at 40mph through the city center and out along the A6 with this music as my soundtrack was a profoundly relaxing experience.

Now during the production of this album I was privy to many of the test pieces and sample tracks that were produced for it, so this is an opinion that has been a long time forming. I think that this album is nearly the right one for me to write fiction to, and I have written this blog post while listening to a second burnt CD of the album. It is certainly the perfect set of sonic vibrations for me to drive to, as it is calming and keeps me relaxed, and yet abrasive enough to keep me aware of the road ahead.

It is now time for me to sit down and write material for Ectomo and to try and start a new short story. I may just keep this CD on loop all afternoon.

The album is free/name your price high quality download and you get get it from here.

800 Memories Per Second : [Bandcamp]

Taphead – “800 Memories Per SEcond” / Case Bandcamp : [Whitechapel]

Noise du Jour: 800 Memories Per Second : [Ectomo]

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