Fill – Never Again

Russian producer Fill, moniker of Daniil Vavilov, show us this warm, and inviting pathway to his sonic creativity. Led by a symphony of broken drums, as heard in “Alone within Four Walls”, moods are sculpted from unique atmospheres. “Drunk at Nightfall” shows up on the release at its midway point continuing the inviting theme while imparting a more serious tone. The nine-track release finishes up with the aptly named “Tribute”, which offers a glimpse at the producer’s take on a track with a more house-oriented feel.

I rediscovered this album shuffling through my computer’s music folder while checking emails and RSS feeds earlier in the morning. Even though this album is only a few months old I had entirely forgotten about its existence. It had gone from my memory. No doubt this is a direct consequence of downloading far too much music because this is a pleasant recording to listen to.

When I heard the opening section of the second track I thought this was something entirely different, but that’s what kept me listening and when I found it wasn’t what I thought it was I decided to investigate. I dimly recall that there was an intent to burn to a CD-R of this to keep in the car. At these moments these fine relaxing beats are echoing around my living room on a freshly burned disk above drone of the washing machine bleeding in from the kitchen.

The synopsis provided by the netlabel, which I have quoted above, provides an apt and hyperbole1 free description of the album which can be downloaded from the netlabel here or from

1 – The one thing I hate above all other problems in publishing is when the publisher hypes up a work with a list of adjectives or a wall of unattributed praise. I want to be given a rough indication of the experience I am about to undergo without being told that it will be brilliant. This simply can not be the case for everything, as some stuff I will always find unenjoyable. However one hopes that the publisher stands behind all of the work they put out, equally, in silence so that the audience can decide if the work is shite or not. When everything is describes as genius then nothing can be.

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