Moving In

My old laptop has been replaced. It has been dying for a couple of years, and had become a tool to be fought with instead of used invisibly. Of course the Toshiba laptop was four years old and had a hard life of international travel, finishing a university degree and, well, just being used daily for four years by me.

It had some extra memory installed into it a few months ago in the hopes that’d extend the life of it, but that wasn’t helping with the heat it was generating on my lap and terrible sluggishness of Windows XP, so it was time to replace it with a new machine. A lighter and more ergonomic machine.

Thank God for birthdays!

The machine I’ve gotten is an Asus Eee PC 1001HA and it is a nice little computer. It came with Windows XP (yuck!) pre-installed and as my instillation plan went wrong because I erased the Windows restore partition I’ve decided to compromise and duel boot with Ubuntu Netbook Edition instead of just having Ubuntu installed as the single operating system on the computer. This was after spending all of Saturday afternoon making an image file of the Windows XP partition.

Oh well, we all make stupid mistakes, and the Ubuntu partition still has 100Gb to play with.

As Ubuntu is my desktop OS of choice I’ve not noticed any difference between using this netbook and my desktop. This is a good thing. There were a few small problems to deal with once Ubuntu was installed: namely having to install a wireless driver and change a setting in the bootloader to allow all the hotkeys to work. This was no big deal really, especially after the fuck up with the partitioning.

A big pink sticker has been applied to the back of the netbook already but for some reason I’ve not yet removed all the horrible little branding stickers on the front of the computer or the transparent sticker applied to the screen yet.

There’s always a strange period between computers. The time when all the files you need aren’t quite all transferred and everything is quite how you expect. But I suspect that me and Rashomon1 and me should work well together.

I am very pleased with my new toy.

1 – The netbook’s network name is “Rashmon” because the Ubuntu logo reminds me of the stylized flower seen on front of many translations of the Hagakure.

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