Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour

These are just my first impressions because I only finished reading the last book not very long ago. About an hour ago. I deliberately haven’t given myself much time to reflect on the book and the series as a whole, but I have also read the previous five volumes in the previous twenty-four hours. So I think I’ve got quite a good handle on what’s going on in the last volume.

Well the art is very good. The thick black lines and the lack of detail drawn by Brian Lee O’Malley convey all of the emotion and drama required without cluttering the page. The only problem with the art I have in ‘Scott Pilgrim’, and this has been fixed to some extent in the ‘Finest Hour’, is that many of the characters are hard to tell apart because of the lack of features which sets them apart. Also the layouts in previous volumes were often confusing, but over over the six books O’Malley has become a real master at designing the perfect page. There is some really smart uses of negative space in this book to portray motion and scale. Oh yes the writing is also sharp and witty.

I think also that the series has a wide appeal. The back of my editions all say: “Action / Comedy / Romance” near the barcode. There is a lot of material here for everyone. The main story is a really solid and well grounded love story with all the emotional highs and lows that everybody goes through reflected here with the extra drama that Scott has to fight Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends.

The books are also funny. I am not known for laughing aloud often while reading books, but there were several instances in the last book, as well as the whole series, where I did burst into delighted laughter.

It helps that Scott Pilgrim is a really identifiable character. I certainly identify strongly with him as a character, and I suspect a lot of people both male and female do. He’s 23/24 and he doesn’t want to grow up and become a responsible adult.

Yeah, I don’t either. A lot of friends of mine don’t want to as well.

The story ends here with the final fight against Gideon, the last of the evil ex-boyfriends. A figure who has been in the background for the entire series. I can’t say much more than that without giving away the whole story.

This last volume is about something important. It finally ties together many of the ideas running throughout the previous five books. A whole series, and the last book especially, is about confronting and accepting change. The series ends and it gives us the closure we’ve all been waiting for with ‘Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour’.

The end isn’t epic. Scott Pilgrim’s finest hour is that he finally decides to grow up.

I should grow up as well.

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