33,454 actual words
38,848 average 5-letter words
(These words are longer than average.)

194,242 characters including spaces and tabs

155 average 250-word manuscript pages
97 average 400-word technical pages

I started this file in April 2009. It is just a text file that I keep on the desktop of my laptop. This is where blog posts, forum posts which require a bit of care and snippets of fiction start. Also URLs and lists which I might need to remember along with other quick bits of text live in here.

I think 30,000 words of ephemera is pretty good so far. This is a system that works for me, and it keeps all my thoughts in one place. Think of this file as being like an infinitely long Moleskine notebook in what is currently a 195kB and growing text file.

My advice for everybody is to have a scrapbook file.

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