Mining Bad Signal

My problem is that when I look at a science fiction magazine I want to see an object that just shimmers and crackles with the electrical charge of speculative conception. Something with the spark of the new.

— Warren Ellis (Bad Signal 9/1/07)

I have been mining my archive of Warren Ellis’s defunct but wonderful mailing list Bad Signal. There’s an interview with J.G. Ballard that I intend to post some extracts from later on SF magazines. This is all related.



More from Bad Signal. People need to read this material

* In clicking around, I discover a word. Fantastika.
Fantastika appears to be the Russian word for
speculative, slipstream or science fiction. Isn’t that
a gorgeous word? Fantastika. Much better than
fantastique. Fantastique is arch. Fantastika is

* “What do you write?” “I write FANTASTIKA. And I
just shagged your wife until she saw God. Get away
from me now, shitbreath.”

* Steven McDonald just said to me, “SF should be prone
to seizures and periods of self-wetting mania in which it
tears the shit out of its surroundings. The moments
where SF has been turned into a gibbering surreal
catastrophe have been some of the best.” And I can’t
disagree, really.


— Warren Ellis (Bad Signal 16/1/07)


  1. James Burt October 21, 2010

    I’m still tormented by the concept of Ambient Fiction.

    It’s a lot harder to write than WE made it sound.

  2. Will Ellwood October 21, 2010

    I think the closest I can imagine at the moment is the interstitial material in the Ernest Hemingway collect I’ve been carrying around for the past week, “The First Forty-Nine Stories”.

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