M. John Harrison: No Escape

“In the end you have to judge reality as the place where there are consequences. Anything else is willful and childish. Anything else is self-induced blindness, denial of the consequence of being alive, which is that you’ll die. You know you’re alive. My problem with cyberpunks is when they ask, ‘How do you know?’ Well, you put your hand down in front of a taxi. See how you feel with your hand under the wheel, see how well you use a keyboard afterwards; then tell me stuff about, ‘I don’t know whether it’s real or not.’ I don’t want to live in models, fictions, possibilities, alternate realities or multiverses: that’s for kiddies. I want to live and die as a human being in what is.”

— M John Harrison

Taken from the extract of an interview conducted with M John Harrison for Locus 2003 Issue 12.

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  1. Jim Worrad November 6, 2010

    ‘A guy in Croydon working his ass off to feed six kids has a fair idea what reality is.’

    -David Bowie

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