Cold Dark Winter

A fresh flurry of snow has just started to fall onto the streets and field outside my house. Both of which are already waterlogged after two days of intermittent rain. Thick grey cloud covers the skies over my part of England and the sun has almost set. The winter solstice is coming and the playlist I compiled on Monday is starting to feel more and more appropriate.

This playlist was compiled on Monday and first tested on the drive to Kibworth with a car fill of friends as I drove them to the launch of Graham Joyce’s new book “The Silent Land” on Tuesday evening. Initial results from this testing suggest that the playlist is terribly good at convincing my passengers that they’re in a horror film.

This was a playlist which was constructed with the following limitations: Where possible tracks would alternate between instrumental tracks and songs. All tracks had to have been released this year and the mix had to be long enough and varied enough to listen to on repeat during long journeys where I couldn’t change the CD. These rules all get broken at least once.

I give you Cold Dark Winter:

  1. Forest by Zoe Keating from Into The Trees
  2. Escape Artist by Zoe Keating from Into The Trees
  3. Night by Zola Jesus from Stridulum EP
  4. A Dark Wind Blows by Texture
  5. Me and the Devil by Gil Scott Heron from I’m New Here
  6. Bad Romance by Caro Emerald
  7. You Are Here by Taphead
  8. A Drowning by How to Destroy Angels from How to Destroy Angels
  9. Tea by The Whitechapel Orchestra from Session 01
  10. Echo Boomers (Generation Why) by Texture from Synaesthesia
  11. Spraw II (Mountains beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire from The Suburbs
  12. Optimism by Zoe Keating from Into The Trees

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  1. Bram December 16, 2010

    Cheers for including my tracks Will, glad you’re enjoying them! That’s some awesome people to be sitting next to.


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