January Consumption

Warren Ellis was told to do this and I suffer from the same problem. So I’m copying a good idea. Even if I forget to do this until the end of the month which leaves me trying to remember what I ate/did/read/watched. This is not a complete list because at the moment I’m a forgetful sod. (Can’t you tell?) Consider this for good or ill as what’s stuck in my memory.

  • Blue Mars.

    I enjoyed Red Mars and I really like Green Mars. However the final book in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy fails to work for me. I’ve been struggling with this since December and only made it too about the halfway point. There’s some really cool bits such as where Nirgal visits Jungfrau and the section where Michel Duval visits his homeland of Provance, but, eh, mostly this felt like such a fucking grind. I doubt I’ll go back to try and finish it properly.

  • Machinarium.

    Really sweet game this despite its many flaws. Great art. Great music. But all let down by irritating and often vague puzzles. Due to that I played the game with a walkthrough open to help me through most of the hard parts. I bought this as part of the second Humble Bundle so I don’t feel ripped off. I’m not sure I’d recommend paying full price for this game to anyone who wasn’t really into adventure games. Maybe buy the game for the soundtrack that comes with it if you like ambient music.

  • Black Swan.

    I saw this on Friday afternoon. Still digesting what exactly I think of this in comparison to Darren Aronofsky’s other films. Very proficient and shows further development of Darren Aronofsky’s usual theme of obsession. It is very good. I want more films as good and as brave as this.

  • The Pacific.

    This is a hard series to watch. Band of Brothers while full of horrible things feels hopeful in comparison. The Pacific is brutal, nasty and attempts no justification. As a work of entertainment it suffers when compared to Band of Brothers, but as a work of art it surpasses its predecessor by showing war as unmitigated meaningless horror. I watched this over the course of a few days and by the end felt numb. Watch it because you’ll get something out of it, but be prepared to be abused by the series.

I’m currently reading, as my main book, Stanislav Lem’s The Cyberiad. So far I’m enjoying it. Next I’m going to read either some Albert Camus or a copy of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go which I’ve had for years. I’ve also a collection of Kelly Link stories on the go at the moment, and a copy of the Penguin Classics version of The Complete Works of Katherine Mansfield is usually accompanying me for interstitial reading.

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