A Year of Speculation

About a year ago I started to attend a local speculative fiction writing group called The Speculators. I have no idea of the exact date. It was a Wednesday and I walked there. That’s all I remember.

The presence of The Speculators as a space to work and a peer group has been vital in my development as a writer and often my happiness. I believe that I am a much better writer today than I was a year ago. (From about 6a to 7a+ in sport climbing grades.) To mark the anniversary I’ve written a short list of writing strategies learned in the past year. You can find the full post on the Writing Industries website.

  1. Silence is golden. It is important to be able to work without distraction. Eliminate as many distractions as possible. Having two hours of silence set aside each week just to write with no interruptions gives me the space to work on hard problems. Busy cafés or pubs are also great places to work because the background chatter and ambient noise filter out any meaning from the background noises which can pull you away from the concentration needed to write.

A Year of Speculation

There’s some thoughts between the lines because I’m agnostic on if creative writing can/should be taught. Maybe I’ll write a few paragraphs on that soon.

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