An Accidental Deceleration of Science Fiction’s Death

Damien was asked by John DeNardo at SF Signal this question: What science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror books do read and re-read again? His answer hints at something interesting. Damien has reposted his answer on his blog with a bit of further explanation here. The full answers by all participants can be found here on SF Signal.

Here’s a hint of what Damien wrote:

Neuromancer – William Gibson’s work is engraved in to the deepest parts of my subconscious. This and his short fiction are still books I refer to constantly, because Gibson is as good a structural writer as he is a futurist. What strikes me now about this work are its mythic elements, prototypical Joseph Campbell monomyth through and through. On top of his other achievements, Gibson was perhaps the first writer to signify the collapse of science fiction, and the rise of fantasy as the mode of serious discussion in speculative fiction.

For future reference I find Paolo Bacigalupi’s answer really narrow and quite a bit disturbing considering he’s been declared by Time magazine “a worthy successor to William Gibson.” His answer suggests he isn’t. Science Fiction keeps eating its own tail.

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