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If you are anything like me than you will have listened at great length to SomaFM’s many wonderful stations which play ambient and instrumental music. For me they are excellent sources of background noise to have playing while I work. (I attribute my success at Uni to the Drone Zone.) Recently another source of ambient music has been brought to my attention. You are Listening to Los Angles is the first site of a series of themed sites which plays ambient music and overlays on top of the music the sound of a police scanner from the named city.

The effect is supremely relaxing and when played through my headphones works nicely with the gentle ticking of a kitchen timer that I have dividing my hours up into smaller working units of time.

There are also variant sites for New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Montréal which I assume play music from the same pool of recordings but with a different local police scanner. Just imagine how utterly trivial You are Listening to Leicester would compare to any of the cities currently offered. On You are Listening to Los Angles I’ve heard kidnappings. On You are Listening to Leicester I expect the most exciting thing you’d hear on most days would be a stolen car.

I would love to see a fictional variant called You are Listening to Mega-City One. Until then Los Angeles is good enough for me.

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  1. Damien Walter March 15, 2011

    You are listening to The Speculators…?

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