April’s Two Games

Recently I’ve been neglecting this website in favour of preparation for job interviews and playing two video games. The job interviews were important, even though I didn’t get the jobs in the end, and the two games are: Fallout: New Vegas and Minecraft. One of these games I’m in love with and the other I’m feeling ambivalent about.

I’m in love with Minecraft. This game might, in its own way, be the most masculine game yet. (It appeals to women as well. So true greatness.) Sure, there’s no murdering funny looking aliens, but there’s digging and ploughing and lumber jacking. All that and DIY. Also exploration of an immense procedurally generated game world that exists both above and below ground. I love this game and I’m proud to be addicted to it.

I’ve also built an underwater house! How cool is that?

Fallout: New Vegas I’m less in love with. It isn’t bad. It’s mostly the same as Fallout 3, which wasn’t a bad game. The pattern of gameplay is you play a lone wanderer on a quest where you are diverted by warring factions or troubled communities to solve their problems. Like Bioware’s games there seems to be a master formula applied here. So the predictable nature of New Vegas doesn’t work for me. And while the game seems to be trying hard to offer me lots of choice to hide the basic pattern, there’s no real consequences for the decisions I make, as I don’t care about any of the characters in the game.

So why am I still playing Fallout: New Vegas? There’s only one reason. The atmosphere. It seems that while the events of New Vegas are forgettable the pleasure of wandering around Cormac McCarthy land keeps me coming back to the Xbox.

Next post I write here will either be about the books I’ve been reading lately (Climbers & Dubliners) or about my trip to Eastercon later today.

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