“Merchants of extraordinary tea & coffee.”

Still waiting for a response from a second interview. The sound of a broken exhaust muffler rumbling in the garage. Driving into the city after the rush hour. Enjoying the perfect light. Reading M. John Harrison’s Climbers while waiting for an interview at the job centre. Watching someone being scammed out of their benefits by the job centre. Being given details for a tax office job where applications close today. Finding that I maybe don’t have to sign on for two weeks. Escaping from the job centre without coming to harm. Wandering around the city centre looking for a place to get a coffee. Deciding to buy a unit of culture. Avoiding Dark Side because it feels deflated of enthusiasm. Avoiding cultural quarter just because. Finding myself in Waterstone Market Street browsing the general fiction stacks. Being tempted by Ferenc Karinthy and Yasunari Kawabata. Noticing a slim girl dressed in black reading. Her face covered by long tangled black hair. Pink converse trainers. Leaving Waterstones to find coffee. Trying to decide between buying a book and a copy of The Fountain. Discovering a new place will open in St. Martins in May.”Merchants of extraordinary tea & coffee.” Wandering back to Market Street. Looking at Karinthy and Kawabata again. Finding Joyce on the same shelf. Buying a copy of The Dubliners. Walking up the street to my favourite sandwich shop. Buying an egg and cress doorstop. Walk back to the car through Highcross. Remembering when I last visited Dublin. Deciding to spend the day reading Joyce in the garden and drinking Yerba maté. Arrive home still needing a coffee.

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