Merchants of Extraordinary Tea & Coffee

This shop fills in one of Leicester’s missing pieces. For a long time Leicester lacked a place that sold a wide range of good quality loose tea and coffee. Until St. Martin’s opened in St. Martin’s Square just off Silver Street in Leicester there were a few places that sold tea & coffee along side other things. However this is a small shop dedicated to selling just tea and coffee tea along with all the paraphernalia to make yourself a decent brew at home. This is an improvement on the previous rather sorry situation for caffeine addicts within the city.

On my desk, in between all the empty mugs, I have a list of their current coffee stock for the month. It runs to five sides of printed A4 with a paragraph or so for each coffee with geographic and tasting information. I am tempted by the Algerian Special blend which combines Colombian and Mexican beans for what is described as having a “strong smooth flavour” and “One of our favourite blends, this is just lovely.” The Kenya Peaberry also looks interesting. After my brief conversation with the owner earlier it is clear they are a coffee aficionado. This is a good thing!

As well as being able to buy the beans they also sell drinks to take away or drink either in the small annex at the back of the shop or outside on chairs. Their drinks cost more than Starbucks or their high street competitors, but this isn’t a shop I think intends to compete with those places. Consider St. Martin’s to be equivalent to the wine & spirit merchants you sometimes find that have a small bar area. It costs more, but tastes substantially better than the alternatives.


  1. Robert Jackson May 12, 2011

    Totally agree. It’s a great shop, with good service (and a really wide variety of teas and coffees) as are some of the other in St Martin’s square. I went to the square as a visitor to Leciester having gone to take a look at St Martin’s cathedral. Also very impressed with the Original Cookware Company shop opposite the coffee/tea shop.

  2. Jen June 15, 2011

    Totally agree also – it’s a fab shop!

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