Genre Sausage

Fiction produced for any genre written using the mechanically reclaimed ideas blasted from the carcasses of other stories and shoved inside a fatty skin of glossy marketing. As it is sold on the basis of quantity and low cost rather than overall quality and satisfaction, genre sausage is generally high in calories but low in overall nutritional value. Fine when eaten occasionally as part of a healthy and varied diet with regular exercise, but can lead to significant health problems if eaten in excessive quantities. Genre sausage can often be spotted by the cover copy advertising the book as the next X or from the citation of the one positive review from Publishers Weekly. Endorsements from friends of the author are also common sights on the packets of genre sausages.

Genre sausages rarely uses organic ingredients and instead relies on intensive factory farming methods to produce the required quantities of unrefined fiction. Not for vegetarians, vegans or people concerned about the environment.


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  2. Jen June 29, 2011

    Love it. Well, I don’t love sausage, but I do love the definition. Seems I’m also a literary vegan…

  3. Will Ellwood June 29, 2011

    Glad you like the definition. :)

    I suspect I’m more a literary hunter gatherer.

    (Although the worst vegetarian/vegan sausages about as tasty/ethical (different questions) as the worst processed “meat” ones.)

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