Walls Between Worlds


I’m terrible at self-publicity, but it is almost a week since Flurb #12 went live and I understand part of being a writer is making a lot of noise about yourself. Anyway what’s important is that I have a short story called Walls Between Worlds in Flurb #12. It’s my début story in a major publication. (Look at the other names on that table of contents. I’m still terrified and feel like the stupid kid at the back of the class.)

The only explanation of Walls Between Worlds I’m going to give is that this story is an attempt to write “The Spy Who Came in from the Multiverse” and your soundtrack for reading should be this.

Walls Between Worlds by Will Ellwood

Arkady left the Ministry of Defence building in Whitehall and encountered a demonstration outside. Most of the protesters Arkady recognized. This crowd assembled everyday on Horse Guards Avenue holding home-made signs with the names and photographs of missing loved ones. They chanted for answers. Scattered amongst the grieving protesters the expected bloc of Socialist Workers Party protesters joined in, giving the Ministry an excuse to do nothing.

From the Victoria Embankment he watched the wheel of the London Eye turning against the sky. In another London he had been responsible for the growing of a memorial garden in its place.

Arkady headed north towards Embankment underground station. A woman from the protest followed him. She pushed through the late afternoon wave of civil servants heading home. He recognized her, but not from the demonstration because that crowd of tired mothers and wives all looked the same. Her name was Rose and Arkady knew her from before he joined the Ministry. He crossed the road and sat on an iron bench next to the Thames.

She sat down next to him. She still smelled of fabric softener. “Hello Alex.”

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