Sky Attempting to Snow

This morning when I was forced out of bed to answer the doorbell the sky was attempting to snow. A few drips of sleet landed on my naked torso as I signed for my brother’s Amazon parcel. That sad state of attempted snowfall reminds me of my own attempts at writing fiction, or anything else for that matter, over the past couple of months.

Always on the edge of a surprise storm.

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  1. Stephen Wylie December 21, 2011

    Taking a new job drains the creative energies quite a lot, especially at this time of year, when the gloom can dampen them anyway.
    I’ve just got a job, and haven’t written anything till this week, when a sudden mad splurge of poetry came over me, perhaps from the fear that I would never write again if I didn’t __do__ something.
    The desire to write will return.

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