Monthly Archives: March 2012

A Music Moment: Bob Downes’ Birth Of a Forest

Music to walk through woods to.

A Music Moment: Clint Mansell – Pi r^2

Can you hear the Amen Break?

A Music Moment: Sunn O))) – Hunting And Gathering (Cydonia)

I worship the Sunn O))).

Sans Soleil

Last night I watched Sans Soleil with Jenny. For a film essay on the nature of memory I think it appropriate that I remember little of its contents. This is 100 minutes of montage supposedly filmed by the cinematographer who’s letters are being read by a detached female narrator. 

A day later I can only summon the repeated images of white cat statues found in a Japanese Shinto shrine and a second image of a woman in a Cape Verde market place. She wore a blue vest and peered into the camera.

I shall watch this again soon to make my impressions concrete. I am reminded of William Gibson’s 1992 digital poem Agrippa (a book of the dead). Something else to experience again and to meditate upon. Both are essays on memory that avoid a limitation written literature generally imposes on this subject. Words permanently inscribed on a page can be more readily scanned in an order free from the clock imposed by the forward momentum of frames or deletion. Agrippa and Sans Soleil ask you to forget.

Climb Dance

As someone who regularly takes the fast & winding country roads home from work with scant regard for the price of petrol this appeals to me. High speeds, gorgeous views and near death experiences enrich life and make eight hours of toil for four minutes of concentration with an industrial soundtrack seem bearable.

Imagine yourself driving up Pikes Peak. Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

I want a rally car …

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