Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a minimalist action game where you navigate through a rotating maze in which the walls fall towards your avatar – a small triangle you move around the edge of a hexagon. It is a simple premise. But the game’s lowest difficulty level is hard. And this should tell you much about the nature of the game. I have played rounds of five seconds, eighteen seconds, thirty-two seconds, more, and seen the game over screen frequently. Winning at Super Hexagon is an exercise in fighting futility. Enjoying Super Hexagon is about taking pleasure in the slow increments of progress you make. When I am playing I go into a trance, focusing on the distant gaps in the geometric walls which appear on the edge of the screen. At my worst I fumble into the edge of an inconvenient pattern after four seconds of playing, curse at myself, and start again.

When I play Super Hexagon feelings of disappointment and pride appear in equal amounts.

Terry Cavanagh has developed a simple & addictive monster. This is something harder & purer than anything published by companies pushing their Fifas, Skyrims and Far Crys with all their distracting narratives & attempts at realism, both of which dilute their ludic essence. This is class A gaming. A $2 wrap of coke of those of us who get their kicks testing their reflexes.

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