* As I write this Jenny is on a train heading north to Edinburgh. She’s
editing a report and it is more efficient for her to be up there. I
can’t go. Which is in some ways a shame because I enjoy visiting
Edinburgh and could do with some time alone holed up in a hotel room to
write. But I’ve a day job and right now I’d rather use my holiday
allowance to spend time with Jen.

* Of course that means until Thursday I’m pretty much free to spend my
evenings writing as much or as little as I’d like. So I expect to spend
a lot more time than is usual at her computer in our bedroom staring at
a terminal window.

* The first week of any month for me is usually spent planning &
outlining a new short story to write. I’ve planned one already and I’m
rapidly outlining it in my preferred notation (I write comic scripts
first, prose second). An observation that I made about the material I’m
happiest writing occurred last week. I’ve tried and failed to write
generic adventure stories. It just isn’t for me. Plot bores the hit out
of me. Trying to write that way makes me unhappy because it isn’t what I
normally read, but for the occasions when I do then there are writers
who find it altogether more enjoyable to produce, so I may as well leave
them to it. Reflecting on this, I made a decision to look back a few
years to the material and concerns found some of the stories that I
wrote for Weaponizer and to mine that seam again. The science fiction
and fantasy I want needs to be imbued with the spirit of Katherine
Mansfield’s short story collection The Garden Party. If it isn’t about
people and their failures then I’m not interested.

* Two things that seem to keep appearing in my fiction: work &

* Tonight I am going to eat pizza, drink God Beer, and watch Simon
Schama’s The History of the Jews.

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