Blinded by the Sun

  • Yesterday Magnus published a story of mine, Leicester Forest East, on his podcast Telling of Tales. Obviously, I urge you to all take fifteen minutes of your time to listen to Magnus’ performance. If you can tell us what you think of it that’d be grand.
  • Another Gabriel Josipovici book arrived yesterday. A collection of essays & lectures called “The Singer on the Shore.” Sadly I didn’t managed to read much of it immediately after work because the iPhone 5s/c launch did terrible things to my wakefulness, but before falling asleep I enjoyed reading an essay on Borges. Jen has also enjoyed reading a piece about T.S. Eliot from it.
  • Another book arrived this morning. Jeff Vandermeer’s “Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to creating Imaginative Fiction” dropped through the letterbox.. I bought it out of curiosity. My initial impressions are that it’s a beautiful book, but there’s a lot for me to quibble over and disagree with inside.
  • I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow. Probably a mixture of sleeping, reading, and writing scripts.

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