Busy About the Tree of Life

1 – My copy of Busy About the Tree of Life arrived yesterday and I took
the time to read “The Heat Death of the Universe.” It is a commendable
and memorable story. It is also a glimpse at a parallel track that
science fiction can also investigate, but rarely does. My main concern
when reading Heath Death was a feeling that stories as formally
inventive and/or quotidian are still incredibly hard to place in a short
story market. Would today’s editors take the time to read Heat Death
through to its conclusion? I have serious doubts that unless the author
was already very well established — unlike Pamela Zoline was when this
story first appeared in New Worlds — they would.

2 – Today at work I mostly listened to Basic Channel’s Quadrant Dub I &
II and Ash Ra Tempel’s self titled album. It may have had adverse

3 – Tonight, in my ongoing quest to find the perfect text editor, I
experimented with Emacs. Still happier using nano.

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