Love Your Dum and Mad

  • Saturday. It’s the last one I’m spending at home for a few weeks, so I have a genuine desire to do very little. Today I intend to spend a couple of hours this morning writing a piece of micro fiction and then go out this afternoon to see Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc at the Phoenix in Leicester. One of my favourite films and possibly the best example of how silent cinema can cut into a viewer’s heart. I expect that there will be tears in the auditorium.
  • Last Wednesday Jen coaxed me out of the house after a late shift to see Nadine Shah at the Crumblin’ Cookie. Met up with Elee & Will. Enjoyed it a lot. Wasn’t impressed by the support act, but then I rarely am.
  • Peirene Press publish good things. Investigate them!
  • 11:11. Time to push further into a draft and listen to Love Your Dum and Mad.

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