Monday Morning.

* Was at work this morning reading my archives of Warren Ellis’ Bad
Signal in between processing orders and decided that I needed to do
something similar but hidden. The archives and the rss feeds for this are
public, but the material doesn’t appear on the front page of my website.

* The category I’m using internally on WordPress is called Daybook. It
is sort of one of those. The other technical task I wanted to achieve
tonight was setting up a command line blogging system for us on Jen’s PC
The Brain and my netbook Rashomon. Haven’t done that yet. It’s harder
and my not be as feasible as I hoped. Will look into it at the weekend.

* It is five past eight on the second of the September. Dusk.
Street lights outside my house are turning themselves on. From YouTube I
am playing Ashra Temple. Spooky.

* On Saturday I managed to recover long enough from the shitting horrors
to see Elysium at the local art house cinema. I think it is a
significant improvement over Neil Blomkamp’s first film, District 9.
Sadly the political allegory has been softened, but the cinematography &
editing are now mostly consistent. It doesn’t seem like I’m watching two
different films spliced awkwardly together.

* 20:09. I have twenty minutes left of scheduled alone time. Just
enough time to spell check this and start mind-mapping ideas for the
short story I’m working on this month.

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