There is no Warmth

  • One of the radiators started leaking on Sunday night/Monday morning. This dropped the pressure in the house’s central heating system. There is no warmth, no hot water, and we are all sitting in the living room around the fire. It should be fixed tomorrow.
  • On Sunday night we watched Hanna. It is a film that I missed on its original release and only purchased because it was placed above the dance music section in the Leicester HMV at a low price. I enjoyed it. The soundtrack bugged me until I worked out it was by The Chemical Brothers. There’s an obvious line of visual symbolism running through the entire film based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales. This was almost clever as it does provide a friendly reoccurring motif through the film, but is only almost clever because its too bloody obvious and jars with Hanna’s other clever tricks. Also, who know Joe Wright could direct something other than cloying period dramas based on novels?
  • There’s an honest and decent reason I was in HMV buying dance music. A Saturday shift at the day job. They were selling the first five Orbital albums for fifteen quid. A price that I found hard to pass up given the unrelenting boredom that the six hours on Saturday promised and delivered.
  • Last night I ordered two Gabriel Josipovici novels, Infinity: The Story of a Moment & Goldberg Variations. Earlier this evening I found myself reading to Paul Kincaid essays reflecting on Josipovici’s polemic essay Whatever Happened to Modernism. ( When is the Modern & The Marquise with the Lead Pipe at Five).) Now I don’t think the same way as Paul as I am certainly more enthusiastic about Josipovici’s argument, but these two essays are grist for the mill and worth considering.
  • I am starting to get the hang of Emacs. Org mode is fantastic. (This entry was entirely written and exported to HTML using Emacs & Org mode.)

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