Monthly Archives: November 2013

At Home, My Back Against the Radiator


I’ve spent the last week visiting Helsinki, Finland for my first
holiday abroad is fucking ages. I flew out to Helsinki from Heathrow
Airport on Sunday 27th of October and arrived back yesterday, on the
second. Some words & phrases that can be used to summarise last week
are: beer, Koff Porter, orgasmobeer, Cafe Mascot, drag bingo, museums,
Nuuksio national park, delicious goo made from courgettes, hangovers,
two very different cathedrals (one Russian Orthodox, one Lutheran),
Suomenlinna Island, the nuclear zombie apocalypse island, free CDs, a
lost purple hat, drinking in Aki Kaurismäki’s bar/cinema, Digitalis
Records, expensive dinner, a tranquil Helsinki airport, and a chaotic
Heathrow airport.


Today I’ve mostly spent installing first Debian Linux on my netbook and
then XUbuntu Linux because the windows manager and setting configuration
for previous distribution that I’d used, CrunchBang, on the portable
computer was taking the piss far too many times. Sure, it was quicker
running than XUbuntu, but changing the time-zone was a bloody pig of a
job. In 2013 no one who is running a graphical user interface should
have to use the command line to change time-zone. And I say this as
someone who lives in either Emacs or a Bash shell.


So I’m back at the day-job tomorrow. An eight o’clock in the morning
start, which isn’t too awful, as it means I get to come home at a
sensible time. Also since I’m back at the day-job I can start earning
some money towards buying myself a synthesizer to play with.

I want to make weird noises.


And now I’m watching a recording of Lou Reed playing his Berlin album
from 2006.

“It’s so cold in Alaska.”