1. I haven’t blogged for ages. The last daybook entry on my website was
made back in September. Since then I’ve travelled to and from Finland
at the end of October, and then mostly to and from my day job in a
nearby market town. Finland was the best! I haven’t felt as peaceful
and relaxed in a years than the day I spent walking around Nuuksio
National Park just outside of Helsinki. I want to go back
there. That’s all I have to say about Finland: I want to go back.

2. Yesterday Jenny & I were at the Quaker Meeting House on Queens Road
in Leicester. A loose writing group that we’re both members of held a
critiquing session. I hope that I gave useful feedback to the four
stories/extracts/chapters that were presented, although by the third
piece I’d started to fall asleep. Still, it was a good chance to
catch up with the work that friends are doing.

3. Today I’m trying to get a short story finished. It has no intended
market or even audience. Who would want to read a story about a
disabled football hooligan in the future written as a stream of
conscious? No, the purpose of this story is to test some process
tricks I have been thinking about so 2014 can be a more comfortable
writing year. I need to get the habit back. I need the addiction

4. I am also using today as a way to catch up with all the Burial EPs
that I’ve missed over the past couple of years. Loner on Kindred EP
is immense.

5. This post was originally written as an email using IFTTT to post to
Tumblr. It didn’t work as I intended so has been switched off
again. (There was a newline/paragraphing issue.) One thing to look at
in the new year is better ways to work from the command-line. I have
in the last quarter moved most of my working stack over to the
command using a combination of screen, cmus, and a lot of Emacs. My
intention is to use as much of the terminal working on full screen as
I can. I want to work only with text and I am easily distracted by
the temptations of the Web. Evening having my netbook’s Emacs
installation being able to work with Twitter is quite frankly
poisonous. Yes, I think it’s cool that a thirty year old text
editor/operating system can read and write to Twitter, but it is
still utterly toxic to my already limited productivity.

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