• I need a new hobby. Seriously, I write fiction and that’s about it. Of course I watch as many films as I can, drink whisky, read books, go for walks, play games, but that’s culture and doesn’t count, everyone does those things. So because I’m involved with the Leicester Hackspace I’ve decided that I want to learn some electronics and make lots of noise (through headphones) by buying an basic electric guitar, learning to play basic chords, and then uilding some effects boxes. It’s a more interesting source of noise than a synthesizer. I want to make noises like Earth and Sunn 0))).

  • About a month ago I started a new job. The job title on the bottom of my work email now says “IT Support Technician”. And I am that. It’s an interesting place to have that job title because I am a support technician for a lot of users doing the daily run-of-the-mill jobs like changing passwords, poking desktop computers and phones that aren’t working, servicing laptops, etc. But I’m also expected to help maintain the scary servers upstairs. It’s fun. It’s stressful. It’s a source of anecdotes.

  • It’s 20:00. That means it’s whisky O’clock.

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