So I Wear Glasses Now

10612914_10100414584770962_1829693047010629841_nSome observations about wearing glasses for the first time.

* I am twenty-eight years old and slightly myopic in my left eye and have a fair degree of astigmatism in both eyes. This was discovered yesterday at an eye exam and corrected with two pairs of glasses with single-vision lenses in which I received a couple of hours ago.

* The test showed that I was still legal and fully capable of driving safely without vision correction. Phew.

* After I collected the glasses from the opticians I walked through the High Cross shopping centre towards John Lewis while wearing one of the pairs. I thought that the shopping centre was too bright before knowing my vision was faulty. Now that I’m seeing everything in ultra high definition for the first time some distress was caused.

* Floors are weird. Life now feels like I’m playing a first-person-shooter with a weird field-of-view setting.

* All in all, everything is a bit weird.

* While I was out I noticed three main differences. The first was when I was in Waterstones standing at one end of the science fiction, fantasy, horror grotto. Without glasses Stephen King’s name on the spine of books at the far end of the nook was legible, but fuzzy around the edges. With a pair of glasses on the text became fully legible. The second difference I observed looking through the entrance of a department store. At the back of the shop floor stood a mannequin. With the glasses off it was out of focus and wearing terrible clothes. With them on, it was in focus, and still wearing terrible clothes. Finally in Carluccio’s the wine fridge was far brighter and sparkling than without the correction.

* The notes above were written while drinking coffee in Carluccio’s. I’m wearing the glasses as I write this at my desktop computer. If I remove them, everything is still legible, but not as bright or as sharp around the edges of the letters. If I turn my head to look at my notebook, the same difference. The change is subtle. More colour, finer edges. The basic patterns that I can see do not differ.

* Jenny has given me permission to try playing a computer game. This could be interesting. Also permission to play a shooty shooty bang bang game. :)

* This is going to take some getting used to, but my first impressions are that using a computer is slightly easier than before.

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