Saturday, a day when the Walklate-Ellwood household sits in their shared office ignoring the world. Except not today, because the Ellwood half is heading out to a workshop session of the writing circle they attend. I haven’t looked outside today and the curtains are still drawn, so the weather could be anything and not surprise me.

Tomorrow Leicester City Football Club have a chance of winning the Premier League. If someone had told me this twenty years ago when I attended my only football match, a miserable second team match between Leicester City and Norwich, then I would have refused to believe it. This long held mood of low-expectations has start to lift over the city and blue banners are draped everywhere. This is an upheaval of the natural order and one which is pleasant to watch.

As I’m on foot most of the day and locked into a room for four hours this afternoon, along with the social activities I wish to enjoy after, today will I not achieve much. Because I intend to only have one or two drinks later I might be able to get some stuff done later tonight, but wouldn’t plan on it.

Scrum notes:

  1. What did I do yesterday to advance the project?
    • I abandoned the story I was writing for Jon. There may be something in that can be saved, but the exercise I was layering onto our shared exercise wasn’t working out. Somewhere I hadn’t given it enough thought or made the right creative leap, and while I was able to drag 1200 words out of the scenario, I wasn’t able to paint the final three numbers of the picture.
    • I experimented with two conversation systems in Inform 7. One did compile, while the other did not, so my decision over which to use was made by a technological constraint.
    • After getting my head around how to do complicated things with that extension (Simple Chat), I implemented the through line for one of the NPC conversations, which means the storylet I’m working on has all of the core logic in place now. It works. I’m happy.
    • Late last night I revisited some prior work analysing the structure of J.G. Ballard short stories at a high level and an outline for a story I’d based on that work. For reasons, something hadn’t sat right with that outline, but with some attention and Jane Weaver I nudged things into a better state. One that I’m happy to progress with.
  2. What am I going to do today?
    • Attend the critique session and have one of my stories tested. I’ll also be looking at material from two others. This happens. It is not something to talk about outside of that group.
    • I need to think about the next storylet and sketch out its rough narrative arc. This one should be more complicated than the first. Would a treasure hunt or a collect a certain amount of items be of interest? It’s a very Fallen London thing and may not apply too well to a parser based game, but the implementation of it could throw a light on areas of the language I’ve yet to use.
    • I also need to find some qualities to use. If I do a treasure hunt then that provides me with one quality (statistic), but it would be smart if I started thinking about how to unify the storylets.
    • As I’ve abandoned the prose project I had been working on I am now free to concentrate on the other project. Let’s give it a code name: SILVER CHORD.
  3. What are my blockers?
    • There is nothing significant apart from the time I am in transit on foot, but this is an expectation of the day.

Yesterday’s food experiment worked. Today’s lunch will be whatever I can buy on Queens Road in Leicester, probably something from a nice deli. No idea what curry I’ll eat tonight.

THIS MORNING: Jen’s cat attacked my feet in a berserker rage!


Look at him. He wouldn't hurt a fly. Maybe.

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