Yesterday’s afternoon of work was frustrated by our awful washing machine. It’s an excuse but one that I’m sticking to. Today has been made slightly more complicated since I am due to support some work activities from home later tonight, which will eat into the 21:45 – 22:30 time before bed that often gets used for reading/writing. This Monday I won’t get to watch some episodes of The West Wing, which makes me very sad. :(

Scrum notes:

  1. What did I do yesterday to advance the project?
    • I created the Inform 7 project and started to fill out the boiler plate material.
    • Earlier today I received my new mechanical keyboard. Obviously it’s a very nice piece of kit, but had been bought with the intention of easing my interface with my PC.
  2. What am I going to do today?
    • I am going to type up the material that I have already written for Jon’s story and email it to him.
    • I am going to write more zero draft for Jon.
    • Optionally, I am going to finish the Inform 7 boiler plate and start implementing the basics of a map.
  3. What are my blockers?
    • Yesterday as I started to get into the swing of things the washer-drier we have stopped working mid-cycle. I lost an hour draining it and rescuing clothes from it. Abandoned serious work after that as it seriously frustrated me. An engineer is coming later in the week to repair it.
    • I’m due to cook dinner tonight and I have to do an hours work tonight at 10PM. At 7PM I’m going to buy ingredient to make a cheat’s Chana Masala
    • The work thing!

TODAY’S PODCASTS: No Such Thing as a Fish (end of while in car), America’s Test Kitchen (in car) & The Coode Street Podcast (queued to start for when I go for chickpeas for dinner).

das keyboard

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