The holiday starts today! All of the real work on this IF work starts today. Awesome. It’s also freezing cold outside, which should help keep me inside and not wandering the city looking for interesting places of caffeinated distractions where I can sit and read.

Yesterday evening I attended my local speculative fiction writing group. For the first hour of the session I distracted myself by watching the Clarke Award announcements on my phone and reading Aaron Reed’s book on writing interactive fiction, Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7. Second half I got some words down. Then went to the pub and had a reasonably good time discussing workshop bureaucracy and some other topics, which have escaped me. It helped that I could drink more than usual, but this also exposed the inadequacies of the bar we visited that I’d not normally exposed to. Oh well.

Scrum notes:

  1. What did I do yesterday to advance the project?
    • Last night before I left for Speculators I finished the work Tuesday’s task of coding up the skeletal map of The Market Underground
    • I also typed more material up on Tuesday evening
    • Last night I wrote one complete section of the short story
  2. What am I going to do today?
    • I’m going to handwrite more of the story for Jon
    • I’m also going to type more of the above material up
    • The major task that must be completed today is to make adjustments to the piece of work I’m having critiqued on Saturday. Jenny sent me some really useful feedback. This must be done so it can be sent for printing
    • For The Market Underground I am going to start to implement the basics for the first storylet
      • Structure the section of the file to organise this
      • Define the NPCs
      • Define the significant items
      • Define the scene material
  3. What are my blockers?
    • There is nothing significant

Some items which came up in the unpublished Tuesday scrum, where I carried out a quick retrospective were:

  • I need to work on my ambition and ensure that I don’t hope to complete too much. Looking at today’s goals I think I’ve managed to qualify my expectations better. The tasks are mostly phrased in terms of advancing towards something instead of completing a task. The revision task is a clear exception, but that’s because it is for a set event
  • I noted that it made me mad that things kept breaking. I got the car exhaust replaced yesterday and an engineer couldn’t find anything wrong with the washing machine, although it had logged an error. I’m not longer mad about these things, as they’ve been closed off as active issues for now.

One item which appeared on my radar was Harry Schwartz’s talk on org-mode, which was posted to YouTube. It makes me want to revisit my configuration of Emacs & start using org-mode again to write documents and organise my life. There are some environmental interoperability issues that need to resolve, but it might be a task that I can reflect on if I get stuck with something else. Configuring my text editor to do cooler and cooler things is a form of meditation. :)



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