Having a slow day to get started. There was a lot of activity yesterday and this is the weird middle day of a sprint, where I can see what I’ve done and I also can see ahead of me what’s left. I’ve been rereading the Fail Better Games Storychoices wiki this morning to refresh myself on a lot of their theory. I’m also trying to avoid playing their games Fallen London and Sunless Sea.

Maybe I’ll treat myself later.

Anyway it’s getting late in the day and I need to make myself some lunch, so the scrum notes are below.

Scrum notes:

  1. What did I do yesterday to advance the project?
    • I advanced the handwritten draft of the story for Jon and typed material up
    • I made revisions for the story due to be critiqued by my peers tomorrow and sent the manuscript off for printing
    • In The Market Underground I implemented the framework for The Old Man and the Evil Waiter storylet. This includes basic items, NPCs, and the start and end conditions
  2. What am I going to do today?
    • More handwriting of the story for Jon. Aiming for completion of that draft
    • In The Market Underground my intent is to look at two things:
      • First I need to experiment with two menu driven conversation systems (Quip-Based Conversation by Michael Martin and Simple Chat by Mark Tilford) before making a decision about which I use in this project.
      • Second I would like to implement two NPC conversations and the game logic attached to them which will complete the basics of the storylet. This will leave me with the tasks of expanding text and polishing.
  3. What are my blockers?
    • There is nothing significant

It occurred to me after publishing this post that I didn’t set the goals for the sprint that started yesterday. They are fairly simple:

  1. Attend a workshop session and have a story critiqued
  2. Complete all of the technical framework for The Old Man and the Evil Waiter storylet
  3. Make progress with the story for Jon and have sent something to him by the end of Saturday

Of those three goals attending the workshop session is a fixed event in my calender and the bid for time has already been placed, and the second task is well on the way at the start of the second day.


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