I had too much fun yesterday evening reading The Buried Giant in a beautiful garden and then in a bar drinking beer & rum. Today I am paying for one of these things with a headache and lethargy.

The new J. Grimwood novel, Moskva, came out today. It was delivered to my Kindle at midnight in the moments before I slipped into strange anesthetized dreams. I’m two chapters in and it’s great.

Notes today will be kept short. I’m not sure if I’m due a sprint planning session or a retrospective. They’ve not been too important for this project as the momentum of writing the scrums has kept me on a pace.

Scrum notes:

  1. What did I do yesterday/last scrum to advance the project?
    • I did things with git. It’s beyond the scope of the scrum to give full details, but the short explanation is that uploading a full Inform 7 project to GitHub is something I’m uncomfortable doing. The work around was to create a separate directory make that into the git archive and write a quick program to copy the source files and do the things with git which are a pain to do on a Windows computer. This took about an hour, which was enjoyable, but also a busman’s holiday. The source code for The Market Underground can be found at my github page and is fairly human readable. I now intend to look at a putting together a means for people to play it at the weekend
    • Along with setting git up I expanded the text for The Market Underground in several places and added another interactive NPC. I also renamed the waiters
    • Last night at the writing group I started to storm a draft of SILVER CHORD and in that address some of the comments Lucy provided of the story I asked for peer review on at the weekend
      • She also gave me a really good pep talk, which I can mostly remember
  2. What am I going to do today?
    • For The Market Underground:
      • More text and object expansion
      • Add lanterns
      • Insert the start of scene text for ‘The Evil Waiter’
    • Read Moskva
    • Continue storming the draft of SILVER CHORD
      • I have several pages of notes on the stuff and structure of it but the difficulty for me is always just getting it out onto pages as a mess which can be edited into shape later. I am a very self-conscious writer
  3. What are my blockers?
    • Today, I am lazy
    • Also I should go vote for something pointless




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