My holiday is now in its final phrase. I’m back to the millstone on Tuesday and I already expect it will be a mildly unpleasant day. Part of doing these scrums has kept me honest although I’ve dropped the sprint planning and retrospective phases of the process, which has caused discipline to drop. The game will get a public alpha release on Sunday for people to take a look at. Once that’s done I’m going to look towards doing a full retrospective and post-mortem on this project.

Do I want to add to this work of IF? Yeah, I think I do. I’d like to keep it around as an experimental sandbox for ideas. Do I want to write other IF? Sort of. Yes. I’ve got a vague note scribbled on Wednesday to write a work based on my reading of The Buried Giant which uses gameplay mechanics to explore memory. Is this something that I have the time and expertise to do? Not really, but writing IF works is more enjoyable than writing short science fiction. Both are niches within niches. However IF is a niche which hasn’t yet been monetized by MFA programs.

I suspect also that my narrative tics fit better into contemporary IF than they do into short SF. As Jen frequently says, I’m aiming for most of my writing to have a quality similar to Scandinavian light — diffuse but just in the right, golden way. Also it’s hard to escape the process differences between prose and working in the Inform 7 language. Prose is not computer programming and while Inform 7 is roughly analogous to a natural language, it is still possible to write with agile, incremental, and rapid prototyping processes.

Oh that’s food for thought.

Scrum notes:

  1. What did I do yesterday/last scrum to advance the project?
    • For The Market Underground:
      • I expanded the text in several places. See github for where :)
      • I inserted the start of scene text for ‘The Evil Waiter’ storylet
    • I read Moskva & I read two stories sent to me by Jon C.
  2. What am I going to do today?
    • For The Market Underground:
      • More text and object expansion
      • Add lanterns
      • Implement a conversation with Harrison
      • Implement the end of game condition
        • This will probably be a storylet
      • Create a blank storylet
    • Work on SILVER CHORD
  3. What are my blockers?
    • I’m off to see Shonen Knife tonight.

MUSIC NOW: Pig Destroyer’s Mass & Volume, a CD I bought years ago, ripped, and never listened to until now. Very nice.

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