Last day of the holiday.

I’ve been good by not checking my work email since Thursday 28th It’s been good to have the time off. I did no project work at the weekend as I was mostly reading and taking some time to play Far Cry 2. I’m still enjoying that. Still struggling with the politics and have just reached a difficulty spike, which isn’t that fun.

The big success of the weekend was finding an iced coffee recipe which used the Aeropress. I took the recipe from Serious Eats and added a dash of soy milk to it. I was using the Foxtrot blend from St. Martins and will have to try the recipe with their house blend, Intrepid, as that’s what I tend to buy for week-to-week drinking. The Intrepid blend or their single origin Old Brown Java taste good/the same after being left in a vacuum flask for ten hours. Some of their other delicate roasts change flavor in ways which aren’t necessarily unpleasant, but make the other coffees I drink during the day taste sour. (I make coffee the night before work and put it in a Zojirushi flask to keep it warm because what I value most when I get to my desk in the morning is a cup of really good coffee.)

As usual the scrum notes for today are below. These are the last I intend to do for the duration of this project. The retrospective should be up later this week.

Scrum notes:

  1. What did I do yesterday/last scrum to advance the project?
    • For The Market Underground:
      • I created a conversation with Harrison
      • I added more text and objects
      • I sent a compiled version of the game to Janos for testing
  2. What am I going to do today?
    • For The Market Underground:
      • Work on the feedback I received from Janos who kindly sent me transcripts of his frustrated attempts at playing the work
      • Start to write the retrospective for completion & publication post-project
      • Look at the ways to share the project as is to readers of this site without forcing them to download anything
    • Jon C and me have agreed on another prompt to practice against. I’d like to storm the first draft of that today. These exercises are meant to be quick & dirty and I risk over thinking them if I let them drag on
  3. What are my blockers?
    • While I was up early to start normalising myself for four days in the office I’ve spent most of my time this morning calling Hotpoint or waiting for their technician to arrive. They’ve been and gone now but it took a chunk of time out of my morning
    • Pizza dough has to be made for dinner


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