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A Music Moment: Wolves in the Throne Room – Thuja Magus Imperium

What I listen to at work to obscure Capital FM.

A Music Moment: Bob Downes’ Birth Of a Forest

Music to walk through woods to.

A Music Moment: Clint Mansell – Pi r^2

Can you hear the Amen Break?

A Music Moment: Sunn O))) – Hunting And Gathering (Cydonia)

I worship the Sunn O))).

Am Writing

I felt terrible earlier. It’s the season, but there are compounding reasons. But now that I’m writing that awfulness is shrinking. What I’m writing sounds like this. For this project there is a note in my Moleskine saying the soundtrack is Portishead and only Portishead.

A List Offered Without Obvious Context

Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – Nostalgia

The whole world is full of wonderful music if you listen for it and chase it. This is the theme to the BBC TV adaptation of the Wallander novels. Emily Barker has also provided the theme music for the new BBC drama “The Shadow Line.” The music and the two dramas are all excellent and recommended. They possess the tone I admire.

Over the last two nights I have written the first attempt at two very short stories about climbing. Both stories are about impossible routes. They are interesting experiments to help me understand several things about fiction I have forgotten.

Annie’s Box (Alt. Vocal)

I’m slowly getting back in the habit of constructing playlists to listen to while working on short stories. I should start to record the changes I make over time to the lists in more detail as each addition or deletion from the list is marker for a point in time where I’ve understood something new about a story/myself/the world.

The current playlist is only about half a dozen songs at most long for a short story and doesn’t even exist on my computer. Only in my head. I know that Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s “East Hasting” appeared on the list, although I suspect it’s now off the list again because it’s a bit obvious. Portishead’s “Machine Gun” is, I think, the replacement track. The Entertainment for the Braindead songs “Run!” & “Mi Corazón” from Hydrophobia might be the thematic core of this story. Don’t know where this version of Annie’s Box fits into the soundscape/narrative. It just fits somewhere. Maybe at the middle point between the Entertainment for the Braindead songs before going into the harshness of “Machine Gun.”

Hmm listening to “Machine Gun” again while I type this (bits of all these songs apart from GSY!BE have played while writing this) and I’m not sure it matches up with The Knife or Entertainment for the Braindead as well as I thought it would. But the lyrics do work. Sort of.

The story this mix is indented for is technically complex and in the end will be a failure because I’ve deliberately overreached myself. Maybe the mix should reflect this. It’ll be an interesting failure.

(If you haven’t gathered by now I always see narratives folding out of music and can usually imagine music for a given narrative.)

Burial – Street Halo

The EP with this single on will be finding its way into my car for the drive to Eastercon. Because science fiction conventions held in an airport’s hotel — in this case Birmingham and sadly not Heathrow — requires music with the proper haunted mechanical feel. Something Ballardian. Never mind the fact this video is leaking more strangeness than most (all?) military science fiction ever published.

I think you can guess my feelings about the convention’s theme of military SF.

The Stalin Stormsker Schröedinger Solution…

The Stalin Stormsker Schröedinger Solution… by Nordic Interstitial Thresholds on Mixcloud

The latest podcast from Nordic Interstitial Thresholds is all about a proposal put to me a Mr William Ellwood about what sort of music i would be playing to my cat if i were conducting truth experiments on the poor thing. And yes my cat is called Stalin…

Well the end result would be a mixture of 1980’s gothic post punk, some angular electronics and some rather ghostly dubstep trance. The sort of music i imagine would be on Mr Frankensteins MP3 player while fooling around sewing up bits of dead flesh.

For further information about this podcast and for more music in general, please go to the sister site for this podcast You know you want to really…

Naturally I have no memory of suggesting this, but it does sound like the sort of thing I’d suggest, so we shall assume Comrade Cluness is telling the truth and not about to be sent to the Gulags by Stalin.