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Not dead, not gone & not hiding (too much)

I’m not dead, and I’ve not forgotten about this and I’m not in hiding from anything apart from life. I’m just concerned with other things at the moment and they’re not really leaking out any material for this site.

I have been here recently. This is my natural habitat.

From More Bleaklow
From More Bleaklow

I’d rather be here


The Maybe Not So Marvellous Manny

If you want a clue at how quickly cats grow up take a look at the three pictures below. The first was taken soon after Manny was born by an old friend from high school, and the person responsible for Manny’s litter being born.

This was taken back in April.

And this was taken last Monday.

As was this picture taken while he was exploring our neighbours tree.

This explains the title. Manny did this when he kicked against me as I pulled him from the fence because I needed to bring him inside from the cold, so I could close the back door and go upstairs to work. He wasn’t happy. His current anti-social habit is attacking the sofa and reaching up to scratch the front of the speakers.

Coffee Woes

Oh shit the French press broke.

Like really properly broke.


Post-It Notes

Here are some pictures of some of the post-it notes which have collected on my desk overtime.

You should all I know by now that I can’t spell.

Oh My Molly!

Yes I know the Internet is already full of pictures of people’s cats. But I’ve been ordered to by people from Whitechapel, and I’m not about to argue with them because some of them know where I live.

The Magnificent Molly!

More Molly!

Basically Molly:


scratches herself


and cleans hereself.

We’ve yet to get a picture of her running around. She’s too fast.


Say hello to Molly. You’ll be hearing and seeing a lot of her in the future. At the moment she is currently sleeping in the antique travel basket we’ve used for threee previous cats. She seems quite content sleeping on a donated towel.